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Beyond Broth's Commitment

November 23, 2016

Beyond Broth's Commitment

The Beyond Broth family is committed to supporting a life of wellness that is nourishing wholeness... the whole self and the world! We do so with respect and gratitude for nature that provides us with organic, rich, wellness-supporting herbs and vegetables. It is nature that continues to share abundance and bounty.

 During such times of destruction and chaos, we are committed to serving the world with nourishment and attention. We are committed to supporting peace of mind and body through what we put in the body.  Being healthy is more than eating well, it’s about eating consciously... conscious of where the food has come from, the effort that was put into the cultivation, and how it effects the systems of the body and the planet as whole.  Eating consciously elucidates the importance of having high moral integrity and responsibility.  It is responsible and ethical to be healthy. Making the choice to be well is how we can contribute to positive change and support the betterment of health in the world. Making the choice to eat consciously inspires personal empowerment.

May we choose to be empowered by what we put into our bodies, so that we live life to its fullest, with flexibility and resilience, with reverence and gratitude. As this movement of conscious eating takes hold, may we work together in community. 

Bruce Lipton, a stem-cell biologist has done extensive studies on cells, the “building-blocks of life.” In his latest book, “Spontaneous Evolution,” he indicates that colonies of cells are much more intelligent than individual cells. In fact, we as humans are not individuals at all, but a working unit of approximately 50 trillion cells.  At the beginning, there was bacterium, and the bacterium realized its evolution by growing into bacteria. The bacteria grew into protozoa, and the protozoa into amoeba, and later the amoeba eventually evolved into the human.  Lipton suggests that the evolution of the human is humanity... a  group of organisms capable of working together, in symbiosis and synergy within community.

May we evolve as whole, with each other... Increasing awareness and care for our nervous systems, digestive systems, circulatory systems, reproductive and respiratory systems.

Our time here on this beautiful planet IS precious. How will you choose to spend it?


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