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Celebrating the Solstice 2019

December 21, 2019

Celebrating the Solstice 2019

As we enjoy the darkest, shortest day of the year… take care, deeply. Whether you’re spending his time on your own, with family friends… Take 15 minutes to yourself… Light a candle, go into the silence and breathe long deep breaths when any stress, pressures, pain in your body or heart…. as much as possible. There you will find home, your heart and peace.
One of my favorite mantras these days is “be still my heart… Be still my heart… “
We must hold our own and each other’s hearts with so much kindness compassion and tender love in these These exceptionally challenging and stressful times….let’s begin at home, in our heart, body, mind and spirit with gratitude for the light, the love and nourishment for ourselves, each other, our families, friends, co-workers… the planet.
Wishing you all a blessed, warm, health-full and harmonious holi-days.
all my love and gratitude

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