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Inspirations to help you thrive: Interview with Laura Pirie

May 22, 2020

Inspirations to help you thrive: Interview with Laura Pirie

Join Grace as she interviews life architect, Laura Pirie. Laura is the principal of Pirie Associates Architects and has designed and implemented thoughtful and integrated built environments. Her work across the country includes extensive, award-winning experience with museum, performing art, institutional, commercial/retail, and residential structures, as well as community visioning and urban design.

In this interview Grace and Laura talk about embracing change during this season and how we can do better for this planet and the people on it. 

Laura is also offering a great deal for a workspace reboot. From Laura: "Is your personal workspace helping you do what you do BETTER?  Does it drag down or amplify you and what you do? Whether a room in your home, a co-working space, or a traditional office, your personal workspace can be realigned to increase your health and feed your creative energy"

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