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Inspirations to help you thrive post COVID-19: Interview with Sweet Medicine

May 21, 2020

Inspirations to help you thrive post COVID-19: Interview with Sweet Medicine

Join Grace as she chats with Sweet Medicine about how to thrive and grow post COVID-19. 

Sweet Medicine Nation is a gifted artist, educator, lecturer, and medicine Teacher and guide. With her eloquence, wisdom, and gifts she’s dedicated her life to offering opportunities for people to experience conscious and deep connection with nature and spirit, through indigenous education and ceremony.

Watch the full interview here:

Soul Purpose Reading 
Your Soul purpose began before you incarnated. These prints are visible 7 weeks after conception. It is a sacred soul contract with this life you have said yes to know what this is!
It is time to step into your true self & service of why your here, instead of being buffeted by fate and chose to collaborate with it, you can embrace the reality that “there is no failure, only feedback”.
Soul Purpose reading is the ability to return to our TRUE/ORIGINAL inner Compass. This helps us in re-centering and assists our eternal map in returning home: your unique purpose for being here. It’s your time to discover! Why would we NOT want to be fully empowered… when full empowerment awaits?
Benefits of the Soul Purpose Readings:
Acknowledging the power of our empty spaces and the sacred darkness
Refusing to re-live those shadow, or identifying with the old stories we tell and live out. Being freed from the old paradigm, is freedom to live our life's purpose .
Begin the decoding and removing of old DNA contracts we have carried, re-asserting your personal purpose and it's agenda in the process of consciously evolution into your true self .
Re-examining your belief systems, roles, rules, and beliefs. Assisting your true sacred nature’s, unquestionable or absolute roles
Releasing anyone or anything that isn’t on your energetic wavelength. And being aware people are evolving also!
Expanding and trusting your intuition, those inner gut instincts, your imagination, your dreams- using it as guidance.
Evolving out of drama and emotional rollercoasters
Losing your desire or need to make things happen or to fix anything.
Doing only what is yours to do.
Giving back burdens or expectations that don’t belong to you.
Practicing allowing, acceptance, being and intent.
Thriving on simple processes, simple desires and a simple lifestyle.
Taking nothing from life or too personal.
Contact me with question and details for obtaining your prints and photos of both hands for me to read via Zoom .
For your convenience you can schedule with
I will email you a zoom invitation for our appointment.
I look forward to supporting you!
Sweet Medicine Nation


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