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The ARISE Festival Will Feature Beyond Broth

July 21, 2017

The ARISE Festival Will Feature Beyond Broth

In the midst of the Summer heat, Beyond Broth has kept its promise saying that you can take the broth packets anywhere… and music festivals are no exception.  From August 4th to August 6th the Immune, Vitality, and Tummy Yummy flavors will find a home at the ARISE Festival. In addition to our tasty packets of broth being available to those in attendance, Beyond Broth is also a sponsor of the festival!


The ARISE Festival features music, yoga, activism, and co-creative camping. Located at the 350-acre Sunrise Ranch, an organic farm and retreat center, everyone has the opportunity to get lost in the beautiful surrounding scenery.  You can also get lost in the music with Atmosphere, Tipper, and Lettuce amongst others musical acts. Or focus on your body with a yoga event and the mind while watching painters and other artists work.  All these opportunities are available within the beautiful oasis that is the ARISE Festival.

 Additionally, all of the 15,000+ attendees will have an opportunity to purchase packets of Beyond Broth from the Camping Supply Tent or the Coffee Bar.  When you purchase a packet from the Coffee Bar, grab a cup of boiling water while you are at it to make some tasty, organic nourishment on the spot.  Or you can save the packet for later, like when you wake up at your campsite after an amazing night of listening and dancing to music. Drink it by itself, or add whatever you like to create a nourishing delicious 5 minute soup.

And when you are at such an amazing festival attending fun event after fun event, you can always turn to Beyond Broth for some organic nourishment on the go.

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