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The Broth and Bathe Tour Summer 2017

June 29, 2017 1 Comment

The Broth and Bathe Tour Summer 2017

Dear family, friends and all of you that have shown up in my life over these many years… Three years ago almost to the day I left the East Coast and traveled in my van taking a month long journey that I called my freedom journey and to my new home in Boulder, Co. It was an incredible experience of reclamation and listening deeply to my inner navigation that guided me the whole way across country for a month. My desire at that time was to bring broth across the country. Beyond broth was not ready yet. This weekend I am about to embark on another month long journey that I'm calling my "Broth and Bathe tour" :-) My dream of three years ago is about to manifest as I go and visit the many stores that we have gotten into in the Rocky Mountain region and New Mexico where I will demo broth in the stores and visit Hot Springs,hike, spend some much needed time dropping inside wandering the forests, the mountains, submerging in healing waters, meeting new friends and sharing my mission of love as I spread these little packets of love everywhere. I feel so much gratitude and so supported by you all. I receive,I give,I love and will definitely drop in, enjoy and relax :-) I will be sharing my journey with whatever shows up in this unknown adventure. Stay tuned❤️

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Mary Bahr
Mary Bahr

July 04, 2017

I practiced yoga next to you today. I was parked next to you as well. I saw the logo on your van and looked you up! Cool! We live in Basalt/ Willits. We haven’t gotten our guest room set up yet (we just arrived), but soon it will be. If you need a place to crash some time let me know. Warning- we have a baby and a dog. Haha. Or if you want to get tea and explore or something let me know. Happy 4th of July!!!

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