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Bison Breakfast Broth

August 12, 2016

Bison Breakfast Broth


We at Beyond Broth want everyone to enjoy our broth so here is a delicious fast meal that will satisfy all of your needs!


1 packet Vitality Broth...or any of your choice

1/3 cup cauliflower cut into bite size pieces

1/2 zucchini spiralized or grated

2 eggs to poach

1 scallion chopped or green onion as folks here in the west say :)

1 bison sausage precooked...or any of your choosing

1 tbs fresh chopped cilantro 

1 tsp. dulse flakes

1/2 tsp. nutritional yeast flakes


Bring 2 cups of water to boil

Add 2 eggs to poach

Add cauliflower, scallion

Wait 2-3 minutes then add cilantro, dulse, nutritional yeast flakes, zucchini and sausage

Cook 1 minute then shut off heat

Add whole broth packet

Season with salt to taste if needed




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