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Cucumber "Vitality" Gazpacho

May 20, 2019 1 Comment

Cucumber "Vitality" Gazpacho

Have you ever tried Cucumber Gazpacho? You'll love this refreshing take on the classic recipe and adding a pack of Vitality Broth really highlights the fresh spring flavors of this cold soup. 


•2 pounds fresh, peeled cucumbers (tip...if the cucumbers are bitter, let them sit for 20 minutes in a bowl with salt, then rinse)

•2 packet Vitality Broth

•2 avocados

•1/4 cup olive oil

•1 garlic clove 

•1 shallot

•1/2 lime, peeled 

•6 sprigs cilantro (1/2 for garnish, 1/2 for soup)


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth. 
  2. (Optional) Garnish with cilantro and cucumber cubes. 

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Amanda Fan
Amanda Fan

June 17, 2019

This is my new favorite recipe! I buy cucumbers in bulk from the farmers market and pack this gazpacho in a thermos to drink like a cucumber smoothie.

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