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A Spring Gift for You!

March 24, 2017

A Spring Gift for You!

Beyond Broth welcomes Springtime with cleaning and cleansing. The theme for this month has been the pericardium and triple burner, that is the protective and nourishing case around the heart. We have been focusing on harnessing the fire within by calming the mind.

Doing cleanses of all kinds support healthy detoxification, a cleaning and  “re-setting”  of the body and mind, as well as clarity and focus for the coming months ahead. Stay well by drinking nourishing broths, juices, organic vegetables and fruits, fermented foods, and feel the optimal benefits of Spring Cleaning!


 Our offering for this Spring…The Beyond Broth Basic Cleanse! Grace Ventura, our CEO and Founder of Beyond Broth, has also been a Certified Health Coach for many years guiding many clients through this simple, gentle and effective 21 day cleanse.

Cleanses change depending on the season. Foods that nourish and balance the body in the cold, dry, winter season are the sweet, sour and salty tastes. It's best to eat less of the astringent, bitter, and pungent tastes in winter, although all six tastes should be present in meals. Warm, home-cooked, soothing foods cooked with easy-to-digest oils such as Ghee, coconut or olive oil are ideal, avoiding deep-fried and leftover food, and cold or ice-cold foods, which douse the digestive fire.

Think Soups, stews, hot tea and stewed fruit... And definitely Beyond Broths!

***Try to maintain 750-1000 calories/day with 8oz of protein for lunch and dinner with the rest of the meal veggies & fruit and lots of water, tea and broths throughout the day.

 Here is a Synopsis of the 21 days:

  1. During the first week: We are preparing for the 14 days of Cleansing by simplifying from the carbs, sugars, meats & fats. This is a gradual process. As you can see on the Food List, some carbs and starchy veggies are acceptable. However, No SUGARS or alcohol. Only Stevia is acceptable. Green tea but No coffee.

 If you want to eat meat, add small amounts of organic chicken, turkey and wild white fish (not farmed) or seafood like crab, shrimp, lobster. Lunch is preferably the main meal of the day if possible.

 Since the body is winding down in the evening, the digestive juices and metabolism don’t work as hard. Therefore the body tends to have weight gain and digestive issues when you eat a heavy late night meal.


  1. During Week 2: You will eliminate ALL starches, fats. We will introduce fresh juice for concentrated nutrition. If you don’t have a juicer, perhaps you can borrow one or there is a fresh juice shop nearby. The other option is a strong blender and a fine strainer. Beyond Broths are great as well as they are simple, vegan broths.
  1. During Week 3: You will begin the week having fresh juices for 1-3 days...your choice. We will gradually add whole foods back in continuing with broths and adding cooked veggies and some fruits on day 2-4, depending on how long you juiced. On day 5 & 6, smoothies, salad, cooked veggies. Day 7 & 8 Kitchari...a hearty Ayurvedic Indian dish that will replenish gently and very satisfying. We will refrain from meat this week.

    Pampering Yourself
    Warm baths with oils, moisturizing skin from head to toe, engaging in calming meditation while gazing at the warm light of a candle, and a gentle yoga routine, all soothe the mind and body. Draw on the love of Kapha with all things moist, and the fire of Pitta with all things hot and spicy, and the Vata in all of us will feel balanced and supported.

Tips to get the most out of the cleanse:

  • Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks, ideally consisting of an organic apple or an organic grapefruit or berries
  • Eat slowly, consciously be aware of chewing your food thoroughly, and stop eating when you are full.
  • Be relaxed when eating a meal.
  • Eat slowly and consciously chew food thoroughly.
  • Play relaxing music while eating


Recommendations of what to put in your body (Use as many of these recommendations as you like)

1. Water: When you wake up drink 1 glass of water. The drink 1 glass of warm lemon water... ¼ of a lemon squeezed into a cup of water. This helps balance the ph of the body.

During the day, Drink at least ½ your weight in ounces of pure, filtered or spring water with nothing added.  So if you weigh 140 lbs. drink 70 ounces. I like to measure by using a water bottle. If my water bottle holds 30 oz. I know how many to drink. Use whatever way works for you.

2. Beyond Broths (all varieties though Immune and Yummy Tummy are milder) or Herbal teas: Drink as much as you want.

3. No sweeteners except Stevia

4. No coffee or caffeine (you can have green tea).

5. Colonics: I recommend 2-3 during the cleanse. You can do enemas instead. Colonics are similar to a high enema. They gently flush the colon with water eliminating impacted fecal matter and toxins.

A clean colon dramatically reduces food cravings, gas, bloating, and constipation. A clean colon means improved digestion, better absorption of nutrients, increased energy and mental clarity, and a general overall improvement of health.

6. Apples. Organic apples help regulate blood sugar, reduce appetite, and increase cleansing of the liver, gallbladder, and colon.

7. Eat 1 organic grapefruits daily. Enzymes in grapefruit are proven to help release fat. These also help regulate blood sugar, reduce food cravings, and stimulate cleansing of the liver, gallbladder, and colon.

8. Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: Take one tablespoon three times a day. Use as your vinegar of choice in salads and cooking. This stimulates the metabolism and cleansing of the internal organs. It is also very powerful in helping release stored fat cells.

9. Drink Green Tea: Ideally, drink a minimum of one cup per day. Organic green tea stimulates cleansing of the cells, increases metabolism, and helps regulate hunger.

10. Whole Food Supplement: Everyone has nutritional deficiencies. For the body to operate normally these deficiencies must be corrected. You can take a whole food supplement daily, which will supply your body with the needed nutrients for health and weight loss. Super greens such as Synergy, Vitamineral or Life Basics Plant Protein (unsweetened) or another that has no soy, sugar or additives.

11. Coral Calcium: Research has proven that most people are deficient in calcium. Calcium supplementation has been shown to have major health benefits and increase weight loss. Ideally, use a coral calcium that comes in a sachet that is added to the water you drink daily.

12. Probiotics: All people benefit from taking probiotics. This friendly bacteria, when reintroduced into the body, stimulates metabolism, improves digestion, and helps with cleansing.

13. Organic foods: Do your best to only have organic, fresh foods and grass fed chemical free chicken & wild caught fish

14. Saunas or Steam: Sweating is a great way to purify and release toxins. 2o minutes several times/week is recommended.

15. Get sun 20 minutes/day if possible.

16. Get plenty of rest. Ideally 8 hours. Go to bed by 10PM and rise at 6AM or close to that. The body releases certain healing hormones between 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. Being in a deep sleep during this time promotes healing in the body, longevity, youthful appearance, eliminating depression, and helps the hypothalamus to stay in a state of operating normalcy.

17. Light exercise: Go for a walk, do Yoga, stretch. Light weights are This isn’t a time for heavy workouts... however it is important to move.


If you are interested in one on one Coaching through the cleanse, Grace is making some time available for a limited # of clients. Please contact her directly at







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