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Autumn Wellness Tips

September 30, 2017

Autumn Wellness Tips

Welcome to Fall. Leaves are changing. Temperatures are cooling. Our immune systems are being challenged by the transition into fall. Here it extra important to breathe deep and take care. In traditional Chinese medicine, Autumn is also associated with the lungs. As the air cools down, and the sky fills with clouds, rain and even snow, be sure to care and tend to the respiratory system. The emotion is associated with grief, a time of letting go. Beyond Broth is committed to keeping you well. What better time than now to make yourself a hot cup of tea or broth to heat you up from the inside out. 

Here are some wellness tips to stay healthy during Autumn
  1. Breathe deep! In the mornings, take a few minutes to just sit quietly- focusing on nothing but the long, slow inhalations and exhalations of your breath. This brings mindfulness of the body and peace into your day, first thing!
  2. Make sure you get plenty of exercise and movement. Keeping your blood flowing and heart rate up is important. It also encourages plenty of fresh oxygen to energize and revive the internal systems of your body.
  3. Steam bath/shower: Inhaling steam is cleansing, detoxifying; beneficial for blood flow and circulation. Add essential oils like eucalyptus to a facial steam.
  4. Eat for positive lung health! Foods such as apples, ginger, turmeric, garlic, pomegranate, cruciferous vegetables, carrot, pumpkin, red bell peppers, and beans are supportive to lung health and are easily incorporated into fall cooking!

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