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What Broth and Dance Parties Have in Common

January 26, 2017

What Broth and Dance Parties Have in Common



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When's the last time you set your alarm for 5AM to attend a dance party?

Shake Your Broth on the Dancefloor

Yesterday, I awoke in Denver and practically floated to an event unlike any other. Daybreaker's morning parties, held around the globe, are miniature festivals of dance, yoga and healthy living. You'll rarely find a community this vibrant, especially at 6 a.m. It was my second, and certainly not my last.

Beyond the festivities, I was on a mission to provide a healthy start to everyone's day. I conversed with people of all backgrounds -- and varying degrees of blacklight paint-- over a cup of Beyond Broth. We discussed the importance of organic, veggie-rich diets, and laughed about our product being so convenient you can literally have a healthy meal on the dance floor.

Of course, I made ample time to participate in the Daybreaker activities, and reflected on my part in what has become a worldwide health movement.

Yoga at Daybreaker Denver with Beyond Broth

Spreading the Love

I want to share a few thoughts from yesterday, so I can pass the spirit of this event along:

  • In these challenging times, it is so important that we come together in positive, uplifting ways that inspire our hearts, bodies and community spirit
  • This experience brilliantly sets the tone of our day of one that is filled with energy that feeds the spirit. 
  • Personally, to be feeding a community with heartfelt nourishment, I get to see the catalyst that Beyond Broth offers. They are so grateful that I am feeding them whole food that is simple and tastes great. It grounds and nourishes them deeply. I am so inspired to offer the broth. It truly is the perfect trifecta of my life...Yoga, dance and Broth! 

You'll join me next time, right!? Keep up with Daybreaker here to check on future dates in your area. An additional big thanks to La Rumba for taking care of us!

Serving Beyond Broth at Daybreaker Denver

Wake up with Vitality!

Fortunately, you can dance with Beyond Broth anytime! Everyone loved our variety of nutritious herb and vegetable broths, but our cayenne-kissed Vitality broth may have put an extra spring in the crowd's morning step!

Thanks for reading!

- Grace, Founder of Beyond Broth

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