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Daily Rituals for Warmth & Nourishment

December 06, 2016

Daily Rituals for Warmth & Nourishment

1. Have more broth!
All of the varieties of Beyond Broth are nourishing for energy, digestion, and circulation.
2. Bundle up and go for a hike! Keep active, especially during the cold season helps to strengthen the immune system. Physical activity also promotes circulation in the body, supporting healthy blood flow & the lymphatic system.
3. Incorporate Herbal Infusions into your daily rituals. Having warm, herbal beverages is beneficial and nourishing for the body. Here are five recommended herbs for infusion, by Susan Weed, renowned herbalist of the Wise Woman Traditions:
Red clover- blood purifier
Linden- anti-inflammatory
Comfrey- supports the skin, ligaments, tendons, the mucous membranes  that coat the digestive tract.
Oat Straw- boosting sexuality
Stinging nettle- great for managing energy
4. Take a hot bath by candlelight!

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