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Daily Rituals plus Autumn Cleanse

October 02, 2018

Daily Rituals plus Autumn Cleanse

  1. Intention Setting-  Create a focus and a goal for the day in the morning, and take time to reflect on the day in the evening. The more intention I put into my life influences how much I care about my life and the meaning it has. Furthermore, the more I care about life influences both my happiness and my success.
  2. Make an offering- What better way to develop and maintain an attitude of gratitude than giving something away each day, whether it be as small as a smile or a hug, or a meal or an article of clothing. When I give, I am reminded of the abundance at hand in the world. Giving also allows space for new things to come into my life. Life is a balance of give and take. Why not make an offering of the self as a way to say thank you!
  3. Walk as much as you can- Walking is a simple and basic way to have quiet time, space, get your blood flowing, and improve digestion. Walking feels good and is great for your everyday health and joy.
  4. Autumn Cleansing- Autumn is a great time to cleanse in preparation for the winter. There are many cleanses out there to try. We recommend a 21 day cleanse that is gentle and works with where you are instead of pushing to do it all at once. Here is a link to the cleanse that Grace created for her health coaching clients. Grace's Seasonal Cleanse  Plus Beyond Broth is the bomb during your cleanse! Included is our famous Cocobroth as a great way to start or end your day!

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