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December is Here...Check out the Rituals for Wellness!

December 13, 2017

December is Here...Check out the Rituals for Wellness!

December is here! Winter is almost officially upon us. The cold drives us towards cultivating warmth in as many ways as possible like making fires, hot soups, wearing wool socks and sweaters. The darkest time of the year is coming. Work to create light inside to make up for the cold darkness of the outside. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the sun, stay active and take advantage of that good ol’ R & R when you can.
Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the kidneys as an important organ to tend to during winter time. The kidneys are also associated with the water element. Make sure to keep your kidneys healthy, as they are not only responsible for water metabolism and regulating the heart, they also support healthy teeth, bones and bone marrow. Keep them warm and drink plenty of water! 
 Winter is the time for hibernation, and not just for bears! Use this season to practice stillness, and remember to warm and nourish yourself from the inside out.  Winter can be chilling to the bone, and it can also be a retreat from the outward expressions and extroverted activities of warmer days. In today’s world, we aren’t supported with much space and time to retreat. It is up to us, individually and within our close relationships and communities to support one another in taking the time to recharge. Tis the season to take good care of your body, mind and spirit!

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