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December Rituals for Wellness

December 12, 2019

December Rituals for Wellness

 Welcome to December

 In November, we touched on the theme of thanks. This month, I invite you to think about where this feeling of gratitude is felt.

I give from a place of deep caring for life. I desire to serve humanity to improve the quality of life. It is in this place I am most clear about paying it forward, giving back and committing to acts of service. The weather can be harsh. Resources can be limited. People can be cold. However, within us all, is a place of attention and love. Let’s connect to this place and give from this place. Our hearts are mighty and abundant. Our hearts are warm and soft. From this place of presence, we can be so clear in how to best give love to ourselves and how to express this love to others.  Let’s complete this year with the demonstration of gratitude by giving back from the heart.

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