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Earth Day Rituals For Wellness

April 18, 2019

Earth Day Rituals For Wellness

Rituals for Wellness


  1. Incorporate at least one plant-based meal a day into your diet. – The amount of energy it takes to raise animals for meat, to process and get them out into your grocery stores is immense! We can all reduce our carbon foot-print by simply cutting back on the amount of meat we consume. This month, try eating at least one plant-based meal a day. Curious about recipes? Check out Beyond Broth’s recipe book for some fun meal ideas.
  2. Use sustainable, Earth-friendly beauty products- Getting informed on the process of producing shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and make-up is first and foremost. Check out the ingredient list on your home and beauty products. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients and you don’t even know what they are, do you really want them on your body? Not to mention the animal testing that is done using these chemical rich and toxic products. This month, try organic beauty products, that contain ingredients that are Earth-friendly. My rule is, if I wouldn’t eat it, don’t use it.
  3. Witness Nature- Get out in to Nature and just observe. Not only is it important to move our bodies outside, and get fresh air, but it is very important to just witness our beautiful planet. Don’t just, “stop and smell the roses.” Marvel at the stillness,  and big-ness of the mountains. Watch for animals in their natural habitat. Escape the noises of cars, sirens, and construction and listen to the wind. Listen to the songs of the birds and the murmuring creeks. Sometimes all nature asks of us, is our attention, and in return, we are gifted with peace and gratitude.

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