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Late Summer Rituals for Wellness

September 20, 2019

Late Summer Rituals for Wellness

  1. Take the stairs  I know, I know, elevators are fun, fast and easy.  But, why not take the extra couple minutes and walk the stairs? It gets your blood flowing, increases strength and endurance. Exercise is good. All exercise. Skip the elevator. Take the stairs! Every step counts.
  2. Healthy Snacking  Instead of reaching for a candy bar or a bag of potato chips, try out some Beyond Broth as a snack. Broth is naturally filling, and is a great source of flavor and nutrition! Packed with veggies and herbs, it is a super food to boot that lifts you up and keeps you going.
  3. Don’t fill up 100%   Why stuff your belly to the point of discomfort? It hurts. The food may be so delicious you just can’t stop. I get it. If you fill up 60% with food and 10% water, you’ll have the space to enjoy and digest the food. You’ll be able to interact and engage without feeling too full. There’s a  Tibetan proverb for staying healthy that goes, “ eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure.”

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