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More Summertime Self Care Rituals

July 16, 2019

More Summertime Self Care Rituals

1.  Establish and Maintain Nightly Routine
  • Turn lights off- all electronic devices, including your cell phones, ipods, computers etc.
  •  Rub your feet with essential oils. This is a wonderful way to care for yourself, while encouraging the nervous system to calm down.  
  • Light stretching or meditation also helps the body and mind wind down, and transition into a more peaceful state of being.  
2. Learn to Manage Strong Emotions
  • When we feel something deeply, it is almost natural to start venting and blurting out what we are feeling. Conserving and restoring energy is very important and can be done by processing feelings inside, and not dumping on people around us. In turn, we feel empowered, disciplined and clear. 
  • Developing a breathing meditation during times of strong feelings is a great way to start.
  • Here is an example: Inhale deeply, counting to 4. Hold your breath for 4 seconds. Exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat.
3. Morning Squats
  1. Try doing 7 squats. If that is easy, do 2 sets of 7 squats, and build up to eventually 7 sets of 7 squats a day. It boosts the circulatory system and engages the body right away, cultivating strength and endurance!

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