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Staying Healthy During Major Change in Your Life

February 13, 2017

Staying Healthy During Major Change in Your Life


This morning I was reading a forecast about February's theme being "change": accepting change, allowing change, promoting change, choosing change, and being the change. With the idea of change brings to mind the need for grounding, the need for staying centered and close to home in oneself, in relation to all areas of life.

To gracefully accept change requires letting go of something, clearing the stagnation and any old ways that feel stuck and "sticky". This could be anything from your digestion to relationships or a job that no longer serves you. If something is not feeding and energizing or allowing for movement... it is a good time to let go and make a change. These "inner" changes will unblock and support outer changes. Some things will require more energy, tools and support than others.

For the bigger ones, I highly recommend seeking guidance from a trusted professional coach in whatever area you are feeling ready to let go and clear. When it comes right down to our basic human needs, we so often get distracted by external circumstances, relationships...the media... and do not listen to our physical, energetic or emotional body.

Here are a few tips to support you in addressing our simple human needs.

First, there is the mind

How do we ground this very active mind that we have? Meditation... giving yourself the time and the space to be with yourself, breathe deeply...try taking 10 deep breaths when you feel any stress.

Spend Time In Nature

Spend time away from social media and the computer, cell phones. Be with the elements. Listen to what your inner senses want...water, fire, air, earth. Touch and feel, listen and look. Natural beauty goes a very long way to reconnect and reclaim your "self", to create feeling safe, trust, relaxed and arriving home in your heart and body..

Listen To Your Body and What It Needs

As far as movement, rest, food... keep it simple. Simple food is easier to digest and doesn't require a lot of your body's energy that is being pulled right now in this time of change and chaos. Perhaps you are feeling it is time for a cleanse? Begin with simple foods like vegetables, fruit, seeds, soups and of course broth:)


3 Quick Ways to Enjoy Beyond Broth

  1. Add a spoonful of your favorite miso
  2. Add a tbs. of coconut oil or 2 tbs. coconut milk from the can, nutritional yeast and dulse flakes (or other seaweed)
  3. Add veggies and protein for a 5 minute meal 

Check out our recipe blog for more healthy, nutrient-rich ideas. Share with your friends and family, anytime! 

Stay Close To Your Heart

This is also the time of us being reminded by grandiose marketing campaigns for Valentine's Day. It's always good to stay close to your heart and share the love with family, friends and beloveds💜.  Share the love when you feel inspired rather than because you should. Notice if you really want to. Be honest with yourself always! 

These are very exciting times. The reality is nothing is permanent and change is inevitable. I say forge ahead with change with all your heart and health!

Many blessings and united we are!


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