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Re-Inhabiting the Body: A Movement towards Wellness

August 10, 2016

Re-Inhabiting the Body: A Movement towards Wellness

The movement towards optimal wellness is an ever-evolving journey. There are no two perfect ways to go about it. The path is completely personal. That being said, what is being called for is a movement of mindfulness back into the body.

 There has been a massive disconnect from the body and it has resulted in countless instances of health conflicts and hardships. In reconnecting to the body, we must learn to listen to and re-inhabit these bodies. To know the body is to live consciously in the body.

 By doing this, we re-establish a conversation between what happens in the mind and what is presently occurring in the flesh. There is a lot of emphasis and talk about stress and the importance of relaxation methods, (i.e walking, camping, spending time in nature, meditating, receiving massage, vacation and travel, yoga, etc), and all with good reason. This is because when we give ourselves the space and time to relax, we can hear what is happening in our bodies in this moment. By doing so, we can truly know what our bodies need for optimal wellness.

 We need to re-claim our bodies. As we do so, we are empowered to enjoy our bodies and the meaningful experiences we can have.

 Here are some helpful tips on Mindfulness:


  1. Receive massage

Any therapeutic modality offers the space to just be with oneself; to take the time to be aware of the different sensations happening in the body, whether they are feelings of tension, soreness, pain, or good feelings of relief, release and the softening of muscles. Massage, especially, encourages and supports a reconnection with the body as it draws attention back into the body, not thoughts, not what we do in the world, not attention on others, but first and foremost on self- care.  

  1. Walking meditation

Whether you are walking to your car or going for a saunter in the woods, paying attention to how it feels to walk, what it feels like to walk, and where it’s felt most, educates and connects the self back into the body. Having a kinetic awareness allows the body to move with ease. Slowing down enough to notice whether you’re walking heel –to-toe, or with your shoulders hunched over can give you the awareness of how to correct your posture and movements before injury arises. This is mindfulness in motion.

  1. Eating with mindfulness

Sitting down and enjoying a nutritious and nourishing meal is the ideal approach here, and let’s be real, a lot of the time, there is too much going on to do that. So, when you do have the time to snack, or you’re enjoying a nice cup of vegetarian, wholesome, beyond broth, take the time to just notice the sensations in your mouth and how it feels in your belly. Does the food affect your mood? Does it give you energy or make you sleepy? Take the time to chew your food slowly and relish in the flavors. Mindfulness in what you eat reconnects you to the body and thus brings you closer to knowing what is best for it and what is not so best. Forget the fads, and pay attention to your unique composition. In doing so, you and your body will feel healthy and happy!


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