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Rituals for Living from the Heart

December 09, 2019

Rituals for Living from the Heart

Mind – Body Connecting Meditation: To connect your mind/body/heart
  • Lay flat on your back. Let your body sink into the surface. Place your right hand on your belly and your left hand on your heart. Close your eyes. With each inhale, say, “Breathing, I feel you.” With each exhale, say, “Breathing out. I am here.”  Repeat 8-10 times.
Ideas for giving from the heart
  • Open the door for someone else
  • Let someone in front of you in line
  • Buy a friend or colleague a coffee or tea or better yet, some BEYOND BROTH!
  • Tell a joke to make someone laugh
  • Let a car in front of you in traffic
  • Smile at a stranger or 2, or 15 times!
Start a journal. Reflect and record any joy and love this year brought you


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