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Rituals for Summer Wellness

June 14, 2019

Rituals for Summer Wellness

    Morning water

Make a hydrating, alkalizing elixir of just lemon and ginger brewed in water. Drink in the mornings and feel revived! It stimulates digestive and lymphatic function, preparing your body to take on another day in good health!

    Soak up that Sun!

Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes—let yourself lay out on a blanket, in the grass, on a warm rock, and just soak up the brilliant, nourishing light of the sun. Vitamin D is crucial for joy, and what better way to receive such pure goodness than to absorb the rays of the sun.

    A cup of Broth a Day keeps the doctor away!

In the evenings as the temperatures begin to cool, try a cup of beyond broth every day for a month. Note how the body feels after each cup, what it does to your mood and your energy. Feel the nourishing benefits of this easy-to-make and delicious on-the-go savory sensation!

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