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Simple Idea for a Healthy Planet

July 26, 2016

Simple Idea for a Healthy Planet

Simple Idea for a Healthy Planet

What inspires me these days? And has for years...Witnessing someone feeling the desire and taking the necessary actions and responsibility to truly respect, love and appreciate the body, life, happiness and a healthy planet.

For over 30 years I have lived and supported, inspired and been a mentor for self-care and learning to love our body, to feel the vitality, health and wellness that is our birthright...that is the human experience we deserve. We need to take responsibility for ourselves with love, respect and honor. We need to listen to our body, how it feels and give it what it needs. Nourishment for the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes we just don’t know. As we learn we can teach our children as well. There are many tools I have offered to discover what works for the individual. We are all different and also have some basic human needs like #food, water, rest, exercise, etc.

 And now I offer to the world...Beyond Broth! It is a very simple first or 30th step! It is clean, organic, simple food that tastes and feels great.

Beyond Broth appeared out of a need. I needed it as a Mom, someone in service to others and most importantly... taking responsibility for my own wellness. I support myself in feeling and living in my integrity...on all levels.

Beyond Broth is a catalyst for great inspires the desire to feel great just by consuming the broth! Experience the inspiration, health and nourishment...try a cup and let me know what your body feels like. It is truly an amazing experience! 

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