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Straight to the Heart of the Matter

February 04, 2017

Straight to the Heart of the Matter

It’s already February. The groundhog saw his shadow. Looks like winter is still coming. However, in Gaelic traditions, February 2 honors the holiday, Imbolc, which happens to mark the beginnings of spring. We celebrate the bit of warmth that may kiss our cheeks and the brightness of the sun that we may glimpse during the dark of the winter. Being that it’s February, it’s also the month of the popular holiday, Valentine’s Day. America celebrates Valentine’s day with candy, chocolate, stuffed animals and high expectations of being romanced. I say, let’s honor Valentine’s day by celebrating the heart.  Did you know that the vibrational force of the human heart extends out at least 15 feet from the body?  The heart space is a special place, one filled with love, attention and the very rhythms that keep us alive. Tend to the heart this Valentine’s day and let light and love shine from the inside out!


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