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Nourishing the Festival Culture

August 23, 2016

Nourishing the Festival Culture


People are waking up... waking up to what is happening in our communities and in the world, and it’s not all sweet. There is much suffering and fighting, deceit and conflict in politics. War persists between countries and cultures, and it's becoming harder and harder to avoid.  But art has found a way into our hearts and hands and out of our heads,  into the collective.

Festivals of many varieties are providing a space to possibly heal some of this global wounding. Through artistic performance in musical instrumentation and song, story-telling and dance, interactive installations, children’s entertainment, street theatre, etc., healing happens. Festivals have become a retreat, a place to re-charge and re-member the collective as a cooperative. It is at these festivals that people find themselves and each other in a world of beauty, play and unity.

 When you venture out of town into the world of festivals, fairs, concerts and outdoor gatherings, it is extra important, if not necessary, to stay tuned into your body’s needs and health. When the energy is high and there’s so much to do, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to have a wholesome, nourishing meal.

Beyond Broth offers a solution. It is possible and encouraged to stay nourished and light to keep moving and playing out there, whether you’re on the playa at Burning Man, out in the middle of the forest, in the mountains or on hot county fairgrounds. Furious dancing, play and movement calls for extra measures of self-care. Often times, the music and fun goes until the wee hours of the morning... and it get’s chilly at night! Then we start all over in the morning often times pushing the limits. Beyond Broth offers warming and nutritious food to keep you fueled and your spirits high. 

 So play and dance on; remembering to laugh, invigorate the soul, drink lots of water and do so with a healthy body and mind!

 To read more about festival culture, click here for a great article by Living Folklore director, Jacob Devaney

 Also, check out our website to view other articles on our organic, vegan and gluten-free broth plus yummy 5 minute recipes at

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