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The Best Gift

November 13, 2017

The Best Gift

Beyond Broth is excited to be celebrating another November with you. November is a special time of year. The frosty temperatures, chilling wind and snow bring about the warmth of fire in the woodstove, hearty and nourishing meals and gatherings of close friends and family. This November, Beyond Broth is celebrating the theme of digestion and the large intestine. In Traditional Chinese medicine, the large intestine is associated with removing substances that the body no longer needs. On a physical level, this happens by separating the pure from the impure and it extracts liquid s from the matter so it can be released as a solid mass. On an emotional level, this is a time of sorting out what thoughts, feelings, behavioral patterns benefit and those that do not serve us anymore. This is the time and the season of letting go. There may be sadness and that’s quite alright. The leaves have fallen and return to the ground, where they will compost back into the Earth, and prepare for transformation. Nesting and hibernation is necessary and inevitable. Stay close to home, and stay especially close to the home inside of you. Our bodies yearn to be cared for and warmed. Eating foods that support your circulation and lymphatic system is important. Get plenty of rest and don’t forget to play! Give yourself the gift of wellness and feast on the gratitude of good health.

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