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Tools to get Still in the Chaos

February 21, 2017

Tools to get Still in the Chaos

There is an extraordinary amount of chaos in both external and internal worlds today. More than ever, the chaos quotient has exponentially risen and is challenging the need to stay grounded and strong in health on all levels.

As a Mom of 6, now 21-32, plus all my other endeavors, I certainly had to find ways to center daily. It was a pretty chaotic say the least. Fortunately, my yoga practice, having a very healthy diet, a holistic approach to all areas of health, deeply listening to my body and dedication to my personal of path of spirit supported me immensely. And there were many days of challenge where I disconnected from myself.

I often found myself distracted, seduced, lured into the commotion, desire, and magnetic forces that were so tempting. This happened in both positive or negative ways: there may have been a party or celebration with a glut of food and alcohol or ways I would unconsciously avoid and not want to feel an experience that was uncomfortable where I would conjure a sublimation with some form of sensory overload that took me out of my experience, ie. food, alcohol or even being active in some way. Sure there is nothing wrong with exercise, movement or even yoga. It sure beats self abuse:)



I have found that when I slow down, breathe, and be still...that's when I really allow myself to be present and drop in deeply. There is stillness, movement returns and then... slowing to stillness...again and again. Expansion and contraction. The ebb and flow creates balance. And we are all different. There isn't an exact formula other than listening as best you can moment to moment. Then there are the many moments of distraction or when we forget to listen. No worries, just come back! This is a practice that like everything, in time, gets easier. Yet as nothing is static...having an attitude of openness and flexibility is what really allows for the ease and grace in presence.

                 Here are a few practices to support stillness amongst the chaos:

1. Deep Breathing...I just can't stress this enough. Sit or lay down and breathe. At least 10 times. Place 1 hand on your belly, 1 hand on your heart and feel the rise and fall of your chest and belly.

2. While eating, sit down. Chew and taste all of your food.

3. If you feel resistance in participating in a group activity...listen. Only when you are ready. Otherwise, sit with yourself. Even if you feel alone. Allow yourself the time to really listen and be with yourself. This is truly self love.

4. Practice noticing the chaos and focus on your breath. All of your attention as you sit on the earth. Feel the support of the earth beneath you. Move when inspired, not out of urgency or habit and not before. 

5. Consume simple, light meals...cooked veggies, soups, broths. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your meals.

6. Consider doing a cleanse if your digestion has been difficult. If you need support, consult a health coach.


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