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Navigate Winter with Ease

January 31, 2017

Navigate Winter with Ease

This season, Beyond Broth is focusing on the element of water and the kidneys and bladder.  In Chinese medicine, the water element emphasizes the ability to adapt and the conservation of resources. During the cold season, it becomes especially important to nurture and take extra measures of self-care for the body. I’d like to offer some tips for adapting to and navigating these chilly months.

Get into nature!

While it is easy to stay in the warmth and comfort of your home, it is also good to bundle up and get out in to nature. Breathing fresh air is cleansing for the body and works wonders on the nervous system. There is a type of therapy known as Forest Bathing, which has been said to boost the immune system function, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, improve the mood, increase energy levels and improve sleep. Forest bathing is essentially the practice of visiting a natural atmosphere in a relaxed way. Optimal wellness comes from a place of relaxation. Enhance your calm and play in this precious, natural world we live in.

Drink lots!

Not only is it important to stay hydrated in general, it is also important to stay hydrated with many kinds of fluids. Winter time can leave us feeling chilled to the bone! Drinking hot teas with cinnamon and clove is excellent for the circulatory system and works to nourish and cleanse the kidneys and bladder.

Journaling and Dreaming

In some cultures, different emotions are thought to arise during different seasons. Winter time is thought to bring up fear and/or courage. Sometimes people may feel frozen in their fear. Connecting to these emotions by expressing them through journaling is a healthy way to support ourselves during such times. Because we are also in a hibernating state of sorts, it can also be fun to pay extra close attention to our dreams and how they may be filtering out the experiences we have in our day to day life. Self-expression and the connection to our dreams can feel really good in navigating some of the challenges of the season.

Stay warm. Stay well,


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