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We’ve got the beet!

July 21, 2016

We’ve got the beet!

We’ve got the beet!

Let us shred the colorful beets and make a culinary symphony with the nutritious cuisine of BeyondBroth!  Beets are in the broth and the spotlight ingredient this week. What better way to share their value than through a beet poem!


Get a boost for your energy and recharge the heart

Get that beet into your diet, it’ll do its part

Filled with Iron, vitamin c and calcium too

Phosphorous and potassium,

Check out the beetroot!

Use the whole veggie—it’s good to digest

The beet in the broth, I must confess:

It’s got flavor and filled with anti-oxidants

Detoxifies and protects the cells with its nutrients

Copper, fiber, magnesium and more

Beta-carotene and vitamin a, you can find at a store

But the broth with the beet that is quite a treat you’ve surely never had before!

Beyond broth has got the beet – and it’s just what you need

To keep you healthy from the inside out

Give it up to the veggies and the herbs and the broth that let us know what good food is all about!

 Check out the link for more information on beets!


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